Jumat, 21 Agustus 2015


Tanti Andayani
Melly Trinurmala
Nidia Rielasalsabiil

Nidia: Hey Tanti...
Tanti: Hey Nidia, How are you??
Nidia: I'm fine, and you??
Tanti: I'm fine too
Nidia: Oh, that's your car??
Tanti: Yes, that is my car
Nidia: Wow... That's good!!!
Tanti: Thank you, and then who is she??
Nidia: She is my friend
           Hey, Melly please come in...
Melly: Hey, I'm Melly...
Tanti: I'm Tanti, Nice to meet you
Melly: Nice to meet you
Tanti: how beautiful she is!!
Melly: Thank you
Tanti: But, I'm surprised how lucky you Nidia
Nidia: hemm.. I will must go now, See you Tanti
Tanti: See you...

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